Our Story




Farm Momma is a family owned business that started in a small town in Washington State.  We have been doing business since 2013 and decided to expand into our latest venture a little over a year ago.   We started with a dream to bring handmade and farm themed products  from small businesses, farms, and Moms into the homes of people across the United States.  

My name Is Jessica, I am the co owner of Farm Momma.  I am proud to say that our farm family has grown to include not only our immediate family and animals but now encompases so many amazing people from all different walks in life.  I love that our vendors and customers aren't just that, they are a part of our journey.

When my grandmother was a young girl handmade items were a part of every day. They were unique, and made with love. Farm products were bought at the local farmers market and everyone had Jam made by the farmers wife or a dress made by their Mother and Grandmother. I want to bring a taste of that back.  I also want to bring back the nostalgia that the farm themed products we carry have.

So with that all being said I wanted to share our newest venture, a monthly box that comes right from our door to yours filled with the unique items I was talking about above.  

Thank you for visiting and I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. We promise we won't spam you on a regular basis but we will keep you up to date and make sure that you are the first to know about our newest small business vendors, new products, and special discounts. To get to know more about our crazy little farm life and how I became an accidental farm momma to 23 feathered rebels, and a variety of  13 fur babies, feel free to visit our blog by clicking above.  I look forward to sharing our products and endeavors with you!

Welcome to the Farm Family