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Jessica Dilger, FM Farmhouse
Hello Friends!
My name is Jess and my business partner Dana and I are Farm Mommas, Momprenuers, Desperate Housewives, Crazy Chicken Ladies, and BFFs.  (I might even go as far as to say the mordern day Lucy & Ethel LOL)  We live on opposite sides of the US, My family in Washington State and Dana's in Florida.  Pretty much as far away from each other in the states as possible lol!  
We are two women who bonded over a similar passion and mission to share small businesses from across our country with you!!!  
My family has a host of random farm animals and fur babies alike along with Four kiddos, my handsome Hubby and my Father-in-law who lives with us (we all call Grandpa Grumpy, trust me if you met or saw him you would too).  Most days I swear I live on the funny farm! I have had many careers including digital design, a photographer for 10+ years, and a crop and personal lines insurance agent.  I started Farm Momma almost three years ago when I was approached to design a farmhouse style baby book to be sold on Amazon.  It was a long process but along the way I met so many amazing small business ladies and groups that cheered me on!  Unfortunatley the book arrived (all 500) and were damaged in shipping along with not correctly put together.  I was crushed at the time but everything happens for a reason.  One night, Because of a random conversation with an old friend, the idea of a subscription box was born. I knew it needed to be a box that supported small businesses.  I wanted to share how amazing and full of heart they were. I met Dana who was actually a subscriber from the beginning and we became instant best friends but more like sisters.
Dana also has four kiddos and handsome hubby, they gave up their beach house when her husband was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer to live a more relaxed life, and live out their dream of owning a farm.  Corey is in recovery now and by the grace of god in remission.  They have 3 amazing boys and a girl all but one grown and out of the house and while the farm life isn't exactly more relaxed, it's fulfilling to say the very least.  They also have a random assortment of farm animals from Chickens to donkeys and of course fur babies!  Dana is a jack of all trades all of the way from being a certified Chef to also now owning an amazing skin care line (Blue Pear Farms)that is about to be featured in the June issue of Glamour Magazine!!!  Every ingredient is all natural and the products are swoonworthy to say the least!  She is an honest to goodness amazing person, Mother (Not just to her own children) Auntie, Sister, and Friend.  
We have met so many amazing makers and businesses along the way and continuously are humbled and in awe of the love and care that they put behind each of their products. 
In ending we'd like to share with you the FM Farmhouse Box and ask that you help us to support the dreams of small businesses everywhere and in turn create numerous happy dances all year long:
Thanks for stopping by and "Y'all come back now Ya Hear?" LOL! 
Jess & Dana

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  • Hello there! I would like to purchase and subscribe today or tomorrow! I was wondering since I’m purchasing the Christmas box so late and then I won’t get my next one until March I’m guessing? Also if I order the subscription box tomorrow how long would it take for the Christmas box to get here? Would it take three months? Or would it be 7 to 10 business days? Thanks ladies!

    • Grace

    • katy Satchell