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Tori Dahl from @TheDahlFarmhouse

     We have been inspired by Tori's Instagram feed, style and DIY's since the beginning, but meeting the woman behind the feed was truly awe inspiring.  When you meet her you quickly realize that she is beautiful inside and out, with grace and poise that is truly iconic.  A proud mom of 3 amazing boys, she and her husband Jonathon are lovingly restoring a 100 year old farmhouse thats roots started as a labor of love that was nurtured into a truly gorgeous farmhouse.  The Dahl family is full of inspiration, creativity and most importantly LOTS of love. The love of her life  Jonathon Dahl builds custom furniture and cabinetry (Jonathon Dahl Woodworks) and Tori has a way of making everything she touches beautiful.  From restoring old pieces, setting a perfect holiday table and styling their beautiful home she is amazingly talented.  She is regarded by friends as one of the happiest, giving souls you'll ever meet with a big heart.   She is always smiling.   In a recent conversation with Tori I asked her a fun fact about her life, something that I could share with you all, and I adored her response.  I am sharing with you all an excerpt of that conversation because she tells the story so well: 

Jon and I met in college at Texas State University. PE was a required course. I enrolled in Bowling because I didn't want to sweat. Little did I know that I'd meet the love of my life. On the first day of class Jon walked in and my heart stopped. It would be two months until he worked up the courage to ask me out.......and since that day over 23 years ago we have been together ever since.  We both graduated and moved to Houston. He proposed & we started looking for homes.Our 100 year old home sat abandoned for over 40 years. It sat waist high in high grass and snarled trees, beyond the roads view, who's place in history had come and gone. Most brides-to-be wouldn't consider a run down old farmhouse the best wedding gift, but I did. Together while planning our wedding we began restoring what is now The Dahl Farmhouse. Lot's of sweat, love and tears have gone into restoring our home.

All because I didn't want to sweat I met the man of my dreams and live in the home of my dreams.

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 Dana and I cannot thank you enough and feel truly blessed as well as humbled to have you a part of this.  The best part, is that now we call you friend. 

Your friends & biggest fans, 

Jess & Dana

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