Meet Julia the March box inspirer

This quarterly box we wanted to give you some info on the boxes namesake... The Julia box. So we sat down with Julia and asked her a few questions.Julia has been married to her firefighter husband Kevin for 22 years. They have one but and two beautiful girls. They are also animal lovers with 2 dogs, a cat and chickens about to hatch.

We asked her what made her join Instagram and like many of us it started as a personal account and then the decor took over her squares. She considers herself Bohemian Farmhouse (we love that). But her favorite style is California bungalow (they have an AirBNB and it's all California goodness). 
Her goal at this moment is less clutter in her life but that less clutter is just to increase her houseplant menagerie. Yes please!! More plants! 
As we enjoyed our conversation I wanted to know what decor item she really wanted yet hasn't purchased yet. I was surprised to hear she wanted a basket chandelier. Thinking of her beautiful home I know it's going to look stunning. But her whole home is breathtaking... But you never see her laundry room. So I'm working on getting some photos. You know you want to see that!
Julia's home is filled with such originality and beauty we couldn't NOT name a box after her. Her personality matches her home inside and out. A gracious soul we just fell in love with. And did we mention...tacos are her favorite food? Hello!! This process she's our type of people.
Want to see Julia's home? You can follow her on Instagram @juliaterpstra. We guarantee you will love everything about her. Follow her for decor ideas, DIY tips and plant info. She truly won't disappoint.
Her DIY's are so amazing we even invited her to take over our blog (more than once) to share her amazing tutorials with you! 

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  • What a trip to read about myself… I always wonder if I would want to be my friend if I could… you ladies make me sound way better than I am and for that I am so grateful. Much love to you both. ♥️

    • Julia