Dyed Berry Basket DIY

I have scoured the internet to find a way to dye the berry baskets that I send out in our monthly farmhouse inspired subscription box.  I adore the vintage green color that they come in, but I thought it would be fun to change it up as well as give our box subscribers a fun DIY to do.  I turned to my friend and amazing blogger Stephanie Griffith for help. Not only did she find a super easy and fun way to Dye the berry baskets, she also wrote a guest blog post with a step by step tutorial on how she did it!    

So everyone meet Stephanie, one of my good friends and amazing bloggers to find out more on how to dye berry baskets:

Hi there!

I am so excited to be on Jessica aka Farm Momma's blog today featuring a change up on her awesome berry baskets. Just follow [this] link to go to my blog for the full tutorial. I break it down step by step, material by material.

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Go check out Jessica and her awesome subscription boxes [my review of that here] on Instagram [here]! I love these berry baskets! They're so versatile. I mean, of course you can use them for berries, but why stop there?! Use them for binder clips, candy, hair things, pens, post-its, and on and on. What could you not use them for? I put cucumbers from my garden in them. Literally, anything!

I'd love to see how you changed yours up and styled them. Tag me us on Instagram [Steph@stephaniegriffithhome] or [Jess @farmmommabrand] to show us what you created! 



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