Hi, I'm Jessica the Accidental Farm Momma

An accidental Farm Momma, sounds crazy right?  I'll get to that soon.  I started Farm Momma when I was given the opportunity to design a baby book a little over a year ago.  Being a Mom myself, I was frustrated trying to find products such as baby book etc that were unique and fun.   I know a lot of you moms and parents in general that have had the same frustration.   For a while I had given up and accepted that some of these products just were what they were, they were traditionally plain and well, boring!   You know what though?  I truly wasn't looking in the right places.  

Around that time I became a part of a Woman Ag Group that not only opened up my eyes to a world full of amazing women, with amazing products, but introduced me to products that you CAN'T find anywhere else. Some are handmade, some are designed but all of them are a labor of love.  So an idea was hatched... how awesome would it be to share all of this, all of their awesomeness with everyone?  How awesome would it be to highlight awesome companies who make these products as well?  So to make a long story short my co-conspirators and I got together and decided to change it.  Farm Momma became something more that day, a business I already loved now is changing into something even better. 

    So, back to the beginning I became an accidental Farm Momma a couple of years ago when I met my husband online, and no it wasn't farmersonly.com (by the way you are welcome for getting that stuck in your head.)  His family owned a farm and we were approached to buy it shortly after we were married because of a family illness.  We had eventually planned on buying a farm and building it but in the blink of an eye here we were surrounded by animals and an ornery but lovable man that came with the deal aka my father in law.  You know what though? I love it!   So again, I'm Jessica a mother of 4 humans, 3 fur babies, 25 feathered rebels, and 8 cows. I am a Farm Momma, a domestic engineer, and a desperate housewife.  Now along with my team, mostly consisting but not limited to the people listed above (trust me the hens definitely think they're people), I am a business owner ready to make a difference.

     So as Jerry McGuire would say “Who’s coming with me?”  In all seriousness, I hope you are as excited as I am about our newest products and subscription baskets that will be launched here very soon. Check out our Homepage to learn more about the Basket and hear the latest news. You can sign up to get invited to the official launch of the store.  Also, don't forget to check out our Giveaways page... We've always got something amazing ready to come home with a couple of lucky winners 

Thank you for visiting with me, now don’t be a stranger!


aka Farm Momma

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