Fall Farmhouse DIY: Succulent Pumpkin

Fall Farmhouse DIY: Pumpkin Succulent 

Julia is an amazing woman that we absolutely adore and has been chosen as our March box Inspiration!  The March box will be our Julia Box!  Check out her feed linked below as well as our Quarterly FM Farmhouse Decor box featuring small businesses in each box.  The box is themed after amazing and influential women like Julia who touch the lives and hearts of everyone around them AND have a style that is swoonworthy to say the least!  

Hey beauties, it’s Julia from Instagram @juliaterpstra and I’m absolutely thrilled to be guest blogging here at FM Farmhouse to share an oh so easy and oh so stunning Succulent Pumpkin DIY.

I  love everything about fall, but mostly the pumpkins.  I’m also a bit of a succulent addict, so put those two babies together and I’m in heaven. Let’s pop into my greenhouse ‘cause I’ve got a DIY treat for you! No tricks, I promise! 

These succulent pumpkins make amazing gifts, centerpieces or fall decor.  


First You’ll need to gather your supplies:


  You will need a pumpkin. Any shape and size will work, but ones with a broad top like a Cinderella type are the easiest to work with. We won’t be cutting into the pumpkins at all, so put down that carving knife!     

You also need a pair of clippers, a glue gun, about 10 glue sticks, moss and succulents.

You will want to gather together a good amount of succulent clippings.  Be sure to have at least 15 to make a nice full arrangement. Don’t worry about the roots, those will be cut off!  Visit your yard or a neighbor’s yard to gather clippings! You can also head to Home Depot or a plant nursery to buy succulents in pots.  

To provide a nice foundation for our arrangement, we are going to hot glue some moss on the top of the pumpkin.  Any type will work, but for this example I used Spanish Moss because it’s pretty easy to work with. Take a nice amount of moss… about a jumbo grapefruit size. Stretch it out and cover the top of the pumpin like a toupe.  Yep, cover that beautiful bald spot!

Once the moss is in place, peel it back and hot glue the moss to the pumpkin.

This is where things get good, because it’s time to add those amazing succulents!  This one is pretty large, so I’m going to simply pull some of the leaves off and trim up the stem a bit.

Clip the succulents to the length you want, liberally apply hot glue to the ends and tuck into the moss.  Hold in place with the end of your clippers (not your finger!) for a moment while the glue drys a bit. Don’t be afraid to trim up those ends so you don’t have some awkward plants shooting out the top. Unless you like that, then by all means, go for it!!!

Here you have a choice. You can arrange all your succulents and then go back and glue; or simply glue as you go.  I like to live on the edge and glue as I go. I’m dangerous like that. I start with my bigger succulents first and then fill in with the little ones.


You can see here the ends of the succulents and the glue is showing.  You will want to cover those areas with moss or another succulent. 


That is it.  Seriously. You are amazing and wonderful and creative.  You made the most beautiful succulent pumpkin! Pat yourself on the back and then run for the pumpkin patch, because no one can stop at just one.  

Care is easy.  Simply spritz with water a few times a week.  These will easily last through Thanksgiving. When you are are finished with them, peel off the succulents and plant them in the ground or a pot.  You can also dig a hole and plant the entire thing, pumpkin and all! Next year if you are lucky you will have a pumpkin vine growing in your yard along with your succulents!

Creativity Yours,


Julia Terpstra

MomPrenuer, DIY Extraordinaire, Delightful amazing woman and Social Media Influencer  (love Jess & Dana)

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  • the succulents won’t die? I am having a hard time keeping my succulents alive over the winter even in my sunroom, I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Even adding a grow light they aren’t doing much. I am using succulent soil and not overwatering! Any advice is welcomed.

    • Jill Schramm
  • Beautiful Julia! What a great centerpiece idea!!

    • Lynn
  • This is beautiful Julia! I didn’t realize that you could put hot glue on them, without killing them!

    • Zamira Torres
  • Julia, I loved this tutorial! You are so talented!

    • Susan
  • Love this tutorial! 💗 Beautiful succulent arrangement, and on top of a pumpkin makes it even better! Julia’s a “Succulent Queen” 👑

    • Kayla