Easy and Fun Spring DIY: Seed Bombs


Want a super easy spring DIY to do with your kiddos?  Literally three ingredients.. Plus a super cute gift to give someone!  Seriously awesome right?  

I have never been able to choose what season I like the most.  I know that sounds silly but there are amazing qualities to all of them.  That being said I ADORE Springtime when carpets of color start to emerge again in the form of flowers or grass or beautiful farm fields.  It’s the time of year where you have more sunny days, you can start planting your garden, and when you can break the cabin fever that the end of winter always brings. 18575497_10213357878007183_1993271431_o.jpg

My kiddos have a ton of energy and at times it can be hard between that and the age differences to find a diy or craft that they all would like to do, so when I ran across an article about seed bombs and realized how fun and easy they would be to make I decided to try my hand at it, it took me a while to figure out what combination and process I liked best before I had them do it with me.


Seed Bombs were first used in New York City in the 70’s to “bomb” large vacant lots with flowers.  (They called it guerrilla gardening… how awesome is that?)  Even the name alone had my kiddos excited lol!  “Wait… we get to make bombs?!” (This of course came from my son).  Luckily he wasn’t too disappointed when I explained that seed bombs are not real bombs LOL!

Now that I have given you the backstory let's get down to the knitty gritty

This is the Cast of Characters:


1.Air Dry Clay (I got mine at Hobby Lobby but I have seen many people use the Crayola version that you can pick up just about anywhere)

2, Compost (If you are a homesteader you can use your own but for sake of this DIY I bought a bag from Home Depot for maybe $3

3. Wildflower seeds or really any seeds that you like

4. A couple drops of Water


5  A silicone Mold

6. Gloves ( I never remember gloves but I’m a rebel like that)


As I mentioned before, I have read over several different blogs about making Seed Bombs and they all seemed to say different ratios, this is what has worked for me:  

You will want a ratio of 4 parts clay to 1 part Compost and one part seeds.  Truly it doesn’t have to be exact and I just eyeball it.  Place these all in a bowl or bowls depending on how many kiddos you have,on a covered flat surface,

If I’m going to be honest I added a little more compost after mixing this together until I got the look I wanted as well so like I said just play with it

Add a couple of drops of water (be careful on using anymore than that because it can end up a gooey mess…. Trust me).  The next part was of course the kiddos favorite part, knead it all together with your hands.

 18339400_10213252693217629_25773076_o.jpgseed bombs 3.jpgseed bombs 4.jpg

Once it is combined pull off small chunks and either roll them up into a ball, use a silicone mold, or

use your artistic skills to sculpt a tiny masterpiece… I made a chicken… :) Also for the sake of staying on topic I shared some photos at the very end on ways that we made them even prettier and dressed them up a little :)

 seed bonbs 6.jpgseedbombsssss.jpg

Now place them in a dry place and let them dry.  I let mine sit in the silicone mold overnight for one batch but did notice that when I left them in there for almost 24 hours they turned out more defined.  

So yep, that’s it!  No seriously, it’s that easy.  Amazing right?   


This has been by far one of the easiest DIY’s that I have done! Depending on how many children you have helping out, it also doesn’t really take that much time!  My favorite part of it though is that they will be able to plant their seed bombs and watch them grow from now until the fall knowing that they had a hand in creating the beauty that will spread across our flower beds.   

Side note: The kiddos worked so hard on making these that they approached me with a business deal soon after.   They decided that they would make as many seed bombs as I needed for the May Garden subscription box but I had to pay them in candy and ice cream… and of course buy them supplies lol!  I quickly paid the invoice once they were finished and each of them are now on their way to our subscribers :)   They are super excited to be one of our featured handmade small businesses!  I may need to be careful because they may unionize and demand better pay than candy and icecream lol!

Thank you all for reading this and I hope you enjoy making these with your kiddos as much as I enjoyed making them with mine.  Hold them tight,  make those memories and cherish each moment because they won’t be little much longer.

Our May box sold out quickly so if you are interested in trying out our boxes go purchase one now for June!  For a short amount of time we also have a deal going on if you sign up for a subscription, you will receive 25% off the first box and then 10% off every box from then on.

PS My little entrepreneurs say “Hi!”  :)

Here are some photos of the different ways we came up with to make them unique..we used everything from silicone molds, a leftover Candy heart holder, and watercolor paints!  PS food coloring did not work with this clay…. My hands were pink for days!



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