Farmhouse Christmas Decor Tips & Tricks

Farmhouse Christmas decor tips & Tricks (to give your guests all the farmhouse feels)

  Hey y'all this is Jenn from @therusticranchco!  Dana and Jess asked me to take over the FM Farmhouse Blog to share some fun Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Tips and Tricks that will give your guests all the Farmhouse feels!

Its that time of year again, can you believe it!?! I couldn't be more excited to listen to all of those fun holiday tunes and bake cookies with my babes.....OH! And how could I forget about those oldie but goodie christmas movies! They are an absolute must, am I right!?! Didn't we all grow up on them? Every year my family and I would snuggle up in front of the t.v. and soak up every ounce of Christmas that we could from those movies. Back then I just thought it was cool that I got to binge watch the t.v. but looking back now I treasure all of the lessons those sweet little films taught me. One in particular sticks out for me, a Christmas Carol. The idea that the past, present, and future were all so connected really resonated with me. And call me crazy but it has played a large role in how I celebrate christmas as an adult. All the way down to decorating my tree.

Ok, ok, I've officially lost ya...let me explain. One of my most prized christmas possessions is my Great Grandfather's Christmas tree. Ya know one of the green glass ones with all those cute little lights. In all of its vintage glory it pairs so seamlessly with my new decor from my favorite small shops. You can spy her on my kitchen counter safely tucked in the corner so my sweet little babes don't shatter it to pieces. 

So y'all know this mama loves supporting small shops and I wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to how I keep with the trends and keep my christmas decorations affordable! Because y'all know I love a good deal!

Ok lets start with the basics, if you have a piece that you love, base your decorations off that single item, not the current trend. For me it's my great grandfather's glass tree. What is it for you? What's that piece that makes your heart pitter patter? Got it... ok now we can get started.

Choose your colors, a theme you love, or a style that fits your home. I stick with neutrals with pops of red. Now here's where you fill your space. Wanna know how I do it and still keep some money in the bank.... yard sales girl!  All summer long snag up those 25 cent goodies and DIY them to make them your own. A little paint can go a looong way! (Trust me you'll be thanking me later.) 

Ok, now I promised you that you could still keep up with the Jones's...Get that red card out and add a few key pieces from target, hop on etsy, homegoods, or whatever works for you. By adding just a few new statement pieces, you'll have all of your guests loving your sense of style, and you won't have to spend the big bucks! Add something as small as some throw pillows, blankets, or in my case this year a beaded garland. Simple, cost effective, and adds just enough pop to fit today's trends! 

I want to leave you with this

  I try in my own way to give my family some memories to cherish. Every year we all go out as a family and pick out ornaments for the tree. Everyone gets to pick one out that makes their heart happy and add it to the tree. As bejumbled and mismatched as it is, I love every bit of it. We go yard saleing all summer long gathering up all the christmas goodies we can along the way and stockpiling them in my poor shed. Yup that's right folks, the vast majority of the goodies y'all see in my photos were somebody else's trash and became our treasure. Lastly of course we have an elf on the shelf. You will see plenty of him if you peek at my feed through the holidays, the silly little trouble maker that he is.

Christmas has become multiple traditions that we all look forward to each and every year. Decorating isn't just decorating anymore,  it is pulling out what made their heart sing the years before and talking about where their silly elf will hide this year and if he will toilet paper our tree again. So fun and full of belief and wishes and hope in all the best ways. 

So go out there and have fun stocking up on some goodies!

I can't wait to see what you come up with! Come visit me on Instagram to see more of my decor finds!

Your Friend, 


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