4 Ways to Use Vintage Berry Baskets to Add the Farmhouse Feel

I have quickly fallen in love with these vintage inspired Berry Baskets.  There are so many easy and budget friendly ways to use them in your decor and or DIY projects. I wanted to share a couple of the ways that I use them!

1.  Decor 

These Vintage inspired baskets can be used in any room in your home to add a touch of farmhouse and rustic that will have your guests impressed.  I have had friends and family over and they oohed and awed over them. The nice thing is that it was so easy to throw together and is super easy to trade out for different holidays and seasons.

Picture this:

Pinecones in the fall, evergreen sprigs with cinnamon sticks or tiny ornaments around Christmas, and vintage easter egg in it for an Easter basket like we did below, just to name a few.  This farmhouse rustic berry basket is the perfect decor piece. 

Farmhouse Decor DIY with Vintage Berry Basket Easter Christmas every season

2. Storage 

Thats right I said storage lol!  You know all of those random little things that are hard to keep track of?  These not only can hold them but also second as a decor.  Done and Done. Still not sure what I am talking about?  Here are a couple of examples:

  • In the bathroom as a makeup brush holder (rustic farmhouse anyone?)
  • Q-Tip and Cotton ball holder 
  • A napkin holder in the kitchen
  • Pen and Pencil holder on your desk
  • Craft supplies (this one could have a whole other list of things off of it)
  • Even For the smaller items, you can place some butcher paper in it and use it for storing things like paper clips, bobby pins, etc. 

I really could go on and on with the millions of possibilities lol!  If you are a repurposing addict like I am than I know your head is swimming with the pure excitement of possibilities.

3.  Gift packaging.

 Imagine receiving a handmade gift in one of these... How stinking cute would that be?  It truly is an impressive way to present a present to someone that again is budget friendly and an easy DIY that any farmhouse lover will swoon over.  A great added bonus once they take their gift out is now THEY have a decoration piece to play with that will add that touch of rustic charm.  All you need is one of these bad boys, some jute twine and butcher paper (or tissue paper) and you have a unique, beautiful gift to present to someone like our handmade subscription box contains or our flour sack towels come in.

Vintage Berry Baskets Farmhouse Berry Baskets, Farmhouse Decor DIY  Rustic Gift Packaging DIY Farmhouse gift wrapping  


4. Photo staging

One of the amazing bloggers Stephanie Griffith who reviewed our subscription box has posted some of the most adorable pictures on her Instagram and blog of the berry baskets in use.  These photos are the perfect example of how to use them in a stylized photo.  They are a nice touch of color in the background or forefront of any picture. The photographer in me can think of endless adorable photo possibilities.

Farmhouse Decor DIY with Vintage Berry Basket Photo Prop  Vintage Berry Baskets Farmhouse Berry Baskets, Farmhouse Decor DIY

I have had a lot of fun playing with these little baskets, either with DIY or with packaging   I am amazed over and over again that this simple basket could lead to so many Farmhouse DIYs and uses.  So now I want you to try out some of these ideas and post a picture on Instagram #FMBerryBasketDIY and if you are having as hard of a time as I did finding these gems you are in luck because we just started carrying them on our site!!  You can buy the Vintage Inspired Berry Baskets here .

Go play with them, and please post pics so I can see all of the fun ways you use them :)


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