5 Farmhouse Bloggers you will want as your BFF

  I've been wanting to do a series of blog posts on the bloggers and businesses I love to follow.   I've decided to share this post first because these first five ladies crack me up, inspire me, and I just know that if we lived closer we would be besties!  So get ready to fall in love with not only their styles but with these amazing ladies!! 

(disclaimer: photo credit* all photos are from the blogs themselves and not my own)  

  1. 1915 House

Sarah has a household full of boys and set out to do her blog in her pursuit to find budget friendly ways to create a beautiful home. They bought a house (1915 house) and her blog has so many gorgeous, fun, and frugal ways to update your space. I think one of the my favorite things about her blog (other than the fun and easy DIYs) is that you know without a doubt she cares, about her readers, and about the things she writes about. She's a real person and it shows. You can envision yourself sitting in her beautiful living room chatting over coffee. You feel like you are already her friend.

Sarah caught my attention early on but there is one post in particular on her Instagram that I will never forget (and saved for later as a reminder).  She posted a photo of herself with a sign that was made specifically for her by Down Grace Lane that's says “Do it scared” which was so powerful that it stopped me mid scroll. (this is one of the photos with the sign below)   

Sarah is quite possibly one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet, with a heart of gold.  I feel so very fortunate to have met her and love seeing how she cheers on and touches the lives of so many women.  If you are looking for inspiration, decor wise or not, you must go meet Sarah!!

Go visit Sarah’s blog  

Follow her on Instagram

And of course on Facebook   Where she even has a fun group you can join!

  1.  2 hearts desire

Rebecca has the most infectiously amazing personality and you can't help but smile when you see her posts and watch her hilarious live streams (on her Facebook)

I was beyond honored when she did a live unboxing of our Farm Momma Box.  You can see the review here.  go watch it and tell me that you don't want her to be your BFF!!  Although I can say without a doubt that you won't be able to because it's not possible.   The thing I love the most is that she captures you within in the first couple of words and keeps your attention until the end.  Below is an excerpt from her "About Me" page on her site just in case you needed anymore proof that you should want her as your bestie:

Trust me, you want to read the rest of this!  For your convenience all you have to do is click on the image and it will bring you to it! 

 Click on the image…. Click it….

Go check out her blog

Follow her on Instagram

Something I will end with, and trust me you will thank me later, the moment Rebecca goes live on Facebook drop everything you are doing because whether it be a fun diy or an update you can't miss it!!!! ❤️

  1. Noting Grace

Jen is one of the first ladies I met on Instagram and I may have had a fangirl moment that thankfully my dog was the only one to witness….  my sweet dog danced with me (that's why I love dogs, they are always there to celebrate with you no matter how big or small)

She is genuine, sweet, and funny!  She and her husband are entrepreneurs and go out of their way to support the dreams of fellow entrepreneurs ❤️  When my first box was about to go out and I had under 100 followers she went out of her way to help me and to spread the word. She was even one of the first ladies to review the box, I recorded the videos that she posted in her stories on Instagram and have played them about a million times for anyone who will watch them (the mailman looked at me a little strange when I asked but luckily he was nice enough to humor me)  you can see the video review on our Monthly Box page here  and read her blogpost review on her site here

Jen is without a doubt a truly amazing woman and from the moment you read her about page you will just know that you are going to adore her!

You have to read the rest of this excerpt!  Not to pressure you or anything but…. Click the photo, you know you want to!!!

Check out her blog

Follow her on Instagram

And of course her Facebook

You will fall in love with not only her  beautiful house but also the lady herself

  1. Bless’er house

This amazing lady was actually shared with me by another blogger lady Stephanie Griffith Home.  This is the first in the list of ladies that I have not personally met (yet) but she had me at the fresh prince of Bel Air intro in her about section… 

I mean seriously, I think we just became best friends 😂

There is more…. Click on the photo to see the rest of this awesome intro.  She is refreshing, fun, and hilarious. To add to all of that her home is GORGEOUS and her DIYs are unique and fun to follow!  The moment she was shared with me I found myself  Binge reading her blog and I know you will as well!!!  Her sense of humor and personality make you feel like she is talking directly to you and like you have been friends for years!   Once we officially become besties I'm hoping I can convince her to re style my house... It's what friends do right?  LOL!  

Go check out her pages:





5. Vintage revivals 

Right off the bat you will crack up. Not only is she funny, she has a taste that is all her own, is inspiring, and she knows how to use power tools!! Done and done!! Straight from her about page where you can test if you should be her bff (she has amazing arguments as to why) to her swoonworthy store, house, blog, and DIYS You must go check her out!!! Her blog isn't exactly all Farmhouse however she is worthy of the mention for the posts that are!! Seriously this quiz below lol!!!

Click on the photo to see the rest of the quiz and take it yourself.  I went straight to BFF... I'm fairly certain you will as well LOL!!!  

Check her out:




 This is Round 1 of Farmhouse Bloggers you will want as your BFF!  I started with these ladies because I honest to goodness adore following them. They are real, they are sweet, and they are always themselves.  So, if you are anything like me and enjoy reading blogs where there is humor, silliness, and real life women go follow my digital besties now,  you will love, love, love them! 

 I have many more blogging friends (and or blogging crushes) to share with you in the series so check back in soon!!! Make sure to follow us on our social media pages (links at the bottom) to be the first to know... Well, really after I talk to hubby about it, the BFF, my chickens, myself.... So fourth...you will be the 4th (human) to know about it! 

I truly hope you all have an amazing day!!! 

Stay tuned for:

Round 2 of Farmhouse Bloggers you will want as your BFF

My favorite IG ladies to follow (aside from the ladies listed above)

My favorite farmhouse shops

My all time favorite scroll stoppers

And a couple of other fun blogs, Instagram accounts and handmade shops you won't want to miss ❤️❤️❤️

Love you big! 

Jessica aka Farm Momma

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