3 Fall Farmhouse decor staples

3 Fall Farmhouse Decor Staples

Hey y’all!  With Fall decor time approaching I wanted to go over some must haves. Many times we try to keep up with the current trends AND the Joneses! However, sometimes the cost is not in our budget. But don't worry. There are ways to make your home look just as Fall fabulous as the Jones family.

Here are my top 3 picks…

Number One:

Let's start with throw blankets. Many beautiful colors and styles can run $100 or more. Listen friends, we change our throws with every season so why spend that much? Hitting up Amazon, your local Target and/or thrift store can help you save big. My specialty is purchasing Summer decor in December. Great styles and low low sales!! Yesss!!  We even featured a gorgeous blanket in our last quarterly box themed after the amazing Ashley from Our 1917 Farmhouse

See the blanket here

Second On the List:

Now let's talk pillows. We NEED these soft squishy pieces of couch candy. They can turn any bland piece of furniture into something luxe. We tend to change these out every season (just like throws) but these too can break the bank. But I'm here to tell you a decor secret.. Amazon. And free shipping if you have Prime. Here you can score some great deals. Some as low as $1.69 each pillow cover. Yes covers. Covers wash and store flat. Less clutter for the win! Now some of these pillow covers come from China. With that you need to be careful as not only will you have to expect 3-4 weeks to ship but could run into some quality issues. Polyester and not cotton. But again, if it's seasonal they won't be decorating your seating very long. Also… Can you say DIY?! Pillows are easy to make at home. 2 cloth napkins, scrap material and even the use of stamping your pillows. Custom, creative and original. Just make sure your ink is washable.

Third On The List:

I could talk about rugs, plants and signage but I'm going to talk about candles. Yes candles! We tend to shove them in corners and forget the beauty and warmth they can provide. Candles in jars, bowls, cans and in holders can not only make our homes smell heavenly but can add depth to our Fall decor. Grouping of candles can make a charming tablescape. But again, we know some candles can empty our pockets. I mean who buys just one? Like potato chips we just can't own one!  But they are easy to make at home, affordable and available supplies are in your home store and at any local craft supplier (best deals online). Want cheaper yet? If you don't plan on burning your candles you can always visit your local thrift store or Target. Use different Fall colors to draw the eyes in. Don't forget holders for height. I find my holders as well at local thrift stores. Cheap cheap cheap! Are yours ugly? Use paint to modify...viola’.

Last but not least: Makers

Now that I've given you three items to help change your mood from Summer to Fall I'm going to add this extension…    Before running out to buy supplies to keep yourself on a budget (low budget, high dollar budget) I'm going to mention the in-between (which is my favorite) and that's the Makers of the world.

There are small businesses who do amazing work, that’s one of a kind, and at a fraction of the cost of higher end products we love. It's always a win win to go this route as you have a unique item, you've helped a small business and you've saved some money in the process!


Our FM Farmhouse box shares makers each quarter and has featured all of the product staples I've mentioned above! You will be given the opportunity to experience and support new makers! The really fun thing?  It's themed after the go to styles of the top farmhouse decor women! Check it out below!

Yes, I know. Three items isn't going to change your whole room but it will give you visual stimulation and some motivation to start adding all your Fall components one by one. Before you know it you'll be all decked out, ready for a cozy fire, some pumpkin spice and maybe some gooey s’mores!

I hope this got your creative juices flowing and I hope it got you excited to put away that Summer decor. Just remember to be true to yourself and your style. A happy stylish home doesn't have to break the bank like many would think. Now go buy an Ashley Blanket and some pillows!!

Sending you creative motivation

Dana 💙


PHOTO CREDIT: Janine @califgirl42

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  • Loved these awesome and thrifty ideas!!! Beautifully written… I’m off to buy candle sticks!

    • Julia Terpstra